Meridian Envirobin 110L


Space Saving Office Recycling Bin

The Meridian Envirobin 110 is the new recycling bin from Leafield championing the sustainable journey.
Designed and manufactured with input from The University of Greenwich, the Meridian Envirobin has a huge 110 litre capacity with a narrow footprint to minimise floor space.
The 110 litre capacity is is ideal for recycling in numerous internal locations within industry, financial institutions, hospitals, call centres and any office environment.
This innovative and adaptable bin has been designed to collect multiple waste streams in one unit in a 70/30% split. As recycling rates improve, the separate lid can be adjusted to collect different recycling streams.
Leafield has now launched a Meridian Triple bin with the option of three waste streams in a 30/40/30% split. This configuration is a one-of-a-kind recycling bin for the ultimate flexibility in recycling.

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110 litre Meridian Envirobin

110 litre Meridian Envirobin

  Product features: A new, slim-line internal recycling bin with capacity for dual waste streams allowing for a flexible and adaptable format enabling the bin to grow with the recycling...
110 Litre Meridian Triple Envirobin

110 Litre Meridian Triple Envirobin

  Product features: The Meridian Triple bin comes with three components in one lid for a variety of waste streams which can be chosen by the customer. The unique 30/40/30% split is a one of a...

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