SB2C-75 Crook Handled c/w Vacuum

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This combines the functionality of the Street orderly barrow with the effeciency of a vacuum to create the ultimate street cleaning machine, the vacuum allows small litter, cigarette ends and broken glass to be removed from kerb edges, back edges behind and under street furniture, between parked cars and kerbs and even tree grills etc. This machine allows an operator to keep walking while collecting the litter and also has been seen to reduce weed growth by removing light detritus to prevent build up. The barrow can also be used as a conventional barrow by simply removing the sution head, and can also be bought as a normal barrow then retro fitted with a vacuum.
Powered by a powerful 28cc 2-stroke motor the design of the vacuum allows no litter to reach the impellor, eliminating damage and minimising blockages. A liner allows the litter to be deposited directly into bin bags to create a one touch operation. The crook handles (Registered Design) allow the vacuum to be opertated from the front or rear and make it especially useful when being used with the optional dead mans handle brake system. Contact us for a demonstration.
Standard colours include red, dark blue, green, yellow, light grey and dark grey.
Length: 1850mm
Width: 640mm
Total Height: 1150mm
Bin Height (Open): 930mm
Bin Height (Colosed): 960mm
Total Weight: 64kg
Container Capacity: 2 x 100 litres
Operators Box: 1 x 35 litres