TWINBIN Litter/Recycling Bin 170 litre

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Product features:

  • Ideal waste and recycling bin for public areas
  • Single unit, collecting 2 separate waste streams
  • Two 85 litre steel liners providing a total of 170 litre capacity
  • Slimline, compact footprint
  • Double skin structure provides exceptional strength.
  • Front opening design allows emptying without lifting
  • Slam shut door with 3 strong latch points
  • Stainless steel stubber plate as standard
  • Panel for personalisation on door front
  • For recycling, choice of WRAP compliant colour coded apertures and graphics are standard

Dimensions: H:1161mm, W:1052mm, D:515mm

Capacity: 2 x 85 litres
Steel Liner: Standard
Ground Fixing kit: Optional
Ballast cartridge: Integral
Stubber Plate: Standard
Ashtray: Optional
Decorative Bands: Optional
WRAP Inserts: Optional


UV stabilised medium density moulded polyethylene (MDPE). All of our black bins have a minimum 40% reclaimed content

colour options