Flexible Kerbing

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Flexible Kerbing has been offered for several years and their considerable application experience has gone into redesign of this product.

This makes it ideal for constructing build outs, chicanes and traffic islands.

The product is 125mm high and supplied in 1000mm lengths with matching 250mm radius corner units.

Corner Units 45º, 90º, 135º, 180º

Easy Installation Bolt down product requiring no excavation
Health & Safety Weight less than 20kg for manual handling
Relocatable For multiple or temporary use
Applications Can be used on tarmac or concrete surfaces

Available Colours

Kerb Unit Specifications
Height: 125mm
Width: 150mm
Length: 1000mm
Weight: 11kg
Fixings: 4

Corner Unit Specifications

ANGLE: 45º
Height: 125mm
Radius: 250mm
Weight: 2kg
Fixings: 1

ANGLE: 90º
Height: 125mm
Radius: 250mm
Weight: 4kg
Fixings: 2

ANGLE: 135º
Height: 125mm
Radius: 250mm
Weight: 6kg
Fixings: 2

ANGLE: 180º
Height: 125mm
Radius: 250mm
Weight: 8kg
Fixings: 2

  • Manufactured by: Rediweld