Traficop 65mm Speed Cushion

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Managing car parks is an increasingly complex and important issue for retailers. So the 65mm high cushion is an ideal application with its lower height and shallower side gradient so minimizes driver discomfort while still providing effective speed reduction.

Compared to the Traficop 75mm cushion, apart from being lower, the 65mm has a shallower side gradient at 1 in 5. The ramp gradient is 1 in 10.

Surface Units retain the proven features of through fixing with specially manufactured stainless steel coach screws, super tough nylon RediPlugs and polyester resin. Steel sections reinforce the construction at either end of the cushion. Reflective arrow markings are moulded in at manufacture.

Fewer parts Surface units conform to almost any road camber, but new modules are now longer which means fewer parts, making cushions easier and quicker to install.
Tougher design

Corners now have a 50mm radius and an extra fixing in each module, making the corners more secure.

Any width With the option of 300mm and 400mm wide ramp, and intermediate modules, cushion widths can vary in 100mm increments making it easy to achieve the required results.
Reflective markings Moulded-in at manufacture and different styles (arrows, RVV and others) can be provided.

Length Options

Width Options

  • Manufactured by: Rediweld