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At 1/3 of the cost of conventional raised bus stops, the BusPad provides a cost effective raised boarding area, enabling wheelchair and other users to have improved access on buses.

The BusPad is easily installed within an hour with no excavation and minimal disruption to travellers and costs typically a third of a conventional bus stop upgrade.

BusPad is bolted to the pedestrian walkway with fixings that consist of a Stainless Steel Coach Screw and Nylon Washer, Rediplug and Anchor Block (Black or White).

On wide BusPads, white blocks indicate the flat top area and on narrow BusPads all blocks are black.

The BusPad is available in 3 diferent configerations:

  • 3500 x 1750mm Standard BusPad
  • 3500 x 1500mm Narrow BusPad
  • 3000 x 1250mm Small BusPad


Key Product Features

Easy Installation Installed in less than 1 hour
Ease of Maintenance Long product life expectancy
Minimum disruption To users and the public
User Friendly Clearly marked and different feel under foot
Environmental Manufactured from recycled materials

  • Manufactured by: Rediweld