Traficop Raised Table

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The modular Traficop system can be used in different ways to provide 75mm high, flat top profile with a 1:10 ramp gradient as recommended DfT (TAL 2/96 - 75 mm high road humps).

The versatile and cost-effective way to create a table or junction with Traficop ramp, corner and side modules - creating a `picture frame` to be infilled with Dense Bitumen Macadam (DBM) or similar, typically 50mm as a base and 25mm as wearing course.

The weight of the base course (in tonnes) is the area of the infill (in m2) divided by 10 and for the wearing course, the area divided by 20. With tapered sides the length of the table is available in increments of 1000mm and the width in increments of 100mm.

For an easily Relocatable solution, a complete construction is supplied using rubber modules to suit tables, kerb to kerb or with tapered sides. Tables are available with flat top height of 75 and 65mm and width increments of 100mm.

Reflective markings are moulded-in at the time of manufacture.

Fixing system with unique RediPlug nylon and stainless steel coach screw and washer.

Four models are available.

Model Flat top length Overall length Speed guidance
Estate 0.8m 2.0m 15 mph
Junior 1.8m 3.0m 20 mph
Standard 2.8m 4.0m 25 mph
Major 3.8m 5.0m 25 mph

  • Manufactured by: Rediweld